The Invention Machine


The Invention Machine

Following a Latino boy's journey through history, THE INVENTION MACHINE is a literary/video game memoir of one Latino’s experience of racial violence in the USA.

A multimedia companion to J. Michael Martinez's latest poetry manuscript "Museum of the Americas," THE INVENTION MACHINE follows main character Moneo as he enters 18th century casta paintings, as he battles through the morbid lynching postcards of William Horne, and as he poetically rewrites the Treaty of Guadalupe. Moving through Barnum & Bailey's early 20th century "American Museum," Moneo jumps into history to reshape his present.

Help Moneo rename the nameless as he undergoes 300 years of racial violence against Latinos in the USA. 1/3rd memoir, 1/3rd action video game, 1/3rd historical reclamation, THE INVENTION MACHINE is one poet's attempt to respond to and address the lack of ethnic and racial representation in contemporary RPGs and, in extension, action video games.

A Kickstarter and/or IndieGoGo page is forthcoming!

If interested, please contact J. Michael Martinez: